Have you heard of the best way to bully proof your child?


Our Kids Self Defense program incorporates the best of karate and brazilian jiu jitsu. Our younger students (4-7) focus primarily on basic skill development such as following instructions, working cooperatively with partners, punching, and kicking. As they become more familiar with our approach and confident in their abilities we begin to add some introductory jiu jitsu techniques to enable them to become more complete martial artists. Our older kids (7-12) and advanced kid’s classes have a more balanced approach between the different styles and the level of fun and excitement continues to increase as they progress. You may be familiar with Brazilian jiu jitsu as seen in the UFC. For years it has proven one of the most effective fighting styles in combat sports. But did you know it is also an excellent method of self-defense–especially for kids?

The Gracie family, originators of Brazilian jiu jitsu, place a primary focus on protecting against attacks. By preparing the body as well as the mind, even the youngest students can learn to avoid dangerous situations and to protect themselves should the need arise.

This is what we offer for your child: the opportunity to become more confident and to stay safe!